Why Specialty Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular and celebrated beverages in the world, with over two billion cups consumed every day, according to the British Coffee Association

Yet most people don’t know very much about what’s in that cup.

The taste and quality of coffee can vary widely, depending on a variety of factors, such as where the coffee was grown, or how much care the farmer took in cultivating and harvesting it. 

Coffee processing and storage also effect the end product; not to mention the actual brewing of the coffee, which can turn even the best coffee beans into a bitter, unpleasant drink.

Fennec Coffee Roasters wants to bring some clarity to the complex world of coffee. Our goal is to introduce Specialty Coffee to Algeria, to provide a glimpse of what some of the world’s best origins and farms have to offer.

In short, we’re talking about quality. Specialty Coffee represents the top 3% of green coffee grown around the world. This means coffee that’s free of defects, but which also possesses desirable flavors and other characteristics (body, aroma, acidity, et cetera).

It’s these qualities which set specialty coffee apart from the commodity coffees which make up most of the world’s consumption. Coffee in Algeria has traditionally used exclusively commodity green coffee. 

Our desire is to introduce specialty coffee to Algeria, expanding the possibilities for what your coffee experience can be.